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Abbreviations & Acronyms

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2DTwo Dimension(al)
3DThree Dimension(al)
μASCMicro Advanced Stellar Camera (a.k.a. Autonomous Star Tracker)
ACSAttitude Control Subsystem
AECAutomatic Exposure Control
AECAArms Export Control Act
AETTAmes Education Technology Team
AFBAir Force Base
AFRLAir Force Research Laboratory
A-Hr Li-IonAmp-Hour Lithium Ion
AI&TAssembly, Integration, and Test
AIAAtmospheric Imaging Assembly (part of SDO)
AMSAdvanced Micro Spacecraft
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
AOAnnouncement of Opportunity
AORAuthorized Organizational Representative
ARCAmes Research Center
arcsecarc second
AS-9100A Standardized Quality Management System
ASQCAmerican Society For Quality Control
ASSISTAdvanced Spacecraft Integration and System Testing Software
ASTAutonomous Star Tracker (see also μASC Micro Advanced Stellar Camera)
ASTEAutonomous Star Tracker Electronics (see also Data Processing Unit)
ASTH1Autonomous Star Tracker Head #1 (see also Camera Head Unit)
ATCAdvanced Technology Center
ATLOAssembly Test and Launch Operations
ATSTAdvanced Technology Solar Telescope
AUAstronomical Unit
AURAAssociation of Universities For Research In Astronomy
BAEBritish Aerospace (Systems)
BattLi-Ion Battery
BOEBasis of Estimate
BREBroad Reach Engineering
C&DHCommand & Data Handling
Ca IISingly Ionized Calcium
CALIPSOCloud Aerosol LIDAR and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations
CBECurrent Best Estimate
CCAgComposite Coating On Silver (a Thermal coating)
CCDCharge Coupled Device
CCSDSConsultative Committee For Space Data Systems
CDRCritical Design Review
CDSSOHO Coronal Diagnostic Spectrometer
CEBCamera Electronics Box
CHUCamera Head Unit (a.k.a. ASTH, sensors of μASC)
CILCritical Items List
CMConfiguration Management
CMOSComplementary Metal- Oxide Semiconductor
COConcept of Operations, Carbon Monoxide
COBECosmic Background Explorer
cPCICompact Peripheral Component Interconnect [Bus]
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CRMContinuous Risk Management
CSRConcept Study Report
CSSCoarse Sun Sensor
CSS1Coarse Sun Sensor #1
D4DDesign for Demise
DCdirect current
DCAdebris casualty area
DDTCDirector, Office of Defense Trade Controls
DIRBE[Cobe] Diffuse Infrared Background Experiment
DMData Management
DN/sData Number/Second
DPUData Processing Unit (a.k.a. Autonomous Star Tracker Electronics)
DSCSDefense Systems Communication Satellite
DSNDeep Space Network
DSSDigital Sun Sensor
DSSEDigital Sun Sensor Electronics
DSSHDigital Sun Sensor Head
DTUTechnical University of Denmark
E/PO, EPOEducation & Public Outreach
EAEnvironmental Assessment
EAAExport Administration Act
EARExport Administration Regulations
EBElectronics Box
ECLPSExport Import Compliance & License Processing System
EDCSExport Document Control System, Enterprise Data Collaborative System
EEEElectrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EGSEElectrical Ground Support Equipment
EILCExport/Import Licensing & Compliance
EINEquipment Installation Notice, Engineering Information Network
EISExtreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Imaging Spectrometer
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility
EMI/EMCElectromagnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Compatibility
EPSElectrical Power Subsystem
ERTEngineering Readiness Tests
ESAElectrostatic Analyzer, European Space Agency
ETUEngineering Test Unit
EUVExtreme Ultraviolet
EUVIExtreme Ultraviolet Imager
EVMEarned Value Management
EVMSEarned-Value Management System
EXPEXplorers Program office
F&BOFinance & Business Operations
Fe XIIIron (eleven times ionized)
FISMAFederal Information Security Management Act
FITSFlexible Image Transport Systems (a data file format)
FMFlight Model
FMEAFailure Modes and Effects Analysis
FO#Fold Out [Page]
FORFlight Operations Review
FOTFlight Operations Team
FOVField of View
FPPFocal Plane Package, part of Hinode (Solar-B)
FTAFault Tree Analysis
FTEFull Time Equivalent
FWHMFull Width at Half Maximum
FYFiscal Year
FY$Fiscal Year Dollar Amount
G&AGeneral and Administrative Costs
GBGigabyte (8 x 1024 x 1024 x 1024 bits, used for data storage)
GbitGigabit (109 bits)
GDC4SGeneral Dynamics C4 Systems
GDSGround Data Systems
GEOGeosynchronous Earth Orbit
GIGegenschein Imager
GIDEPGovernment Industry Data Exchange Program
GNGround Network
GOESGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GP-BGravity Probe B
GPMCGoddard Program Management Council
GPRGoddard Procedural Requirement
GRACEGravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
GRAILNASA's Lunar Discovery Mission
GSEGround Support Equipment
GSFCGoddard Space Flight Center
GTGuide Telescope
HAOHigh-Altitude Observatory
HAPSHydrazine Auxiliary Propulsion Subsystem
HBCUHistorically Black Colleges and Universities
HEBHMI Electronics Box
Hinge1[Solar Array] Hinge #1
Hinode/FPPHinode/Focal Plane Package
HMIHelioseismic (and Vector) Magnetic Imager
HOPAHigh-Output Paraffin Actuator (wax actuator)
HSBHigh Speed Bus
I&T, IATIntegration and Test
I/F, IFInterface
IAUIntegrated Avionics Unit
IBISInterferometric Bidimensional Spectrometer
ICDInterface Control Document
ICESatIce Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite
IDLInteractive Data Language
IEBIRIS Electronics Box
IEE1553Data Bus Standard (commonly used in science spacecraft)
IEEEInstitute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ILCOInternational Licensing and Compliance Office
IMAGEImager For Magnetopause-To-Aurora Global Exploration
IMAPIRIS Mission Archive Plan
IMUInertial Measurement Unit
INSITEInvestigation of The Solar Interface by Transient Exploration
IOCInitial Orbit Checkout
IOPIRIS Optics Package
IPDInterplanetary Dust Distribution
IR&DIndependent Research and Development
IRASInfrared Astronomical Satellite
IRD[Launch Vehicle] Interface Requirements Document
IRISInterface Region Imaging Spectrograph [Observatory]
ISSImage Stabilization System
ITARInternational Traffic In Arms Regulations
IUAInterface Adapter Unit
JPLJet Propulsion Laboratory
JSOCSDO Joint Science Operations Center (For AIA and HMI)
kkilo ( x 1000)
kBkilobyte (8 x 1024 bits, used for data storage)
kbpskilobits per second (1000 bits per second, used for data transmission)
km/skilometer per second
kRadkiloRad (unit of radiation dose)
KSCKennedy Space Center
L&EOLaunch and Early Operations [Phase]
LDPCLow Density Parity Check (see CCSDS 131.1-O-2)
LEDlight-emitting diode
LEOLow-Earth Orbit
LGALow-Gain Antenna
LGAsLow-Gain Antennas
LIDARLight Detection and Ranging/ Laser Detection and Ranging
Li-IonLithium Ion
LMLockheed Martin
LMATCLockheed Martin Advanced Technical Center
LMCLockheed Martin Corporation
LMCEIOLockheed Martin Corporate Export/Import Office
LMSLicense Management System
LMS&ESLockheed Martin Sensing & Exploration Systems
LMSALLockheed Martin Solar & Astrophysics Laboratory
LMSSCLockheed Martin Space Systems Company
LSJULeland Stanford Junior University
LVLaunch Vehicle
LVDSLow-Voltage Differential Signaling
LVPSLow-Voltage Power System
m Åmilliangstrom
M&PMaterials & Processes
MAMission Assurance
MARMission Assurance Requirement [Document]
MASCMicro Advanced Stellar Camera (μASC)
MATLABMaterial Laboratory
MBMegaBytes (8 x 1024 x 1024 bits, used for data storage)
MbitMegabit (1000 x 1000 bits)
MbpsMegabits per second (1000 x 1000 bits/s, used for data transmission)
MDIMichelson Doppler Imager, part of SOHO
MDRAMission Definition Requirements Agreement
MELMaster Equipment List
MEROPEMontana Earth Orbiting Pico Explorer Satellite
MgF2Magnesium Floride
MGMEMagnetometer Electronics
MGMHMagnetometer Sensor Head
MGSEMechanical Ground Support Equipment
MIDMechanical Interface Control Drawing
Mil-StdMilitary Standard
MIPMission Integration Plan
MITEXA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Microsatellite
MLIMultilayer Insulation (thermal blanket)
MOMission Operations
MO&DAMission Operations and Data Analysis
MOABMulti-Operations Avionics Board
MOCMission Operations Center, Multi-Mission Operations Center
MORMission Operations Review
MOSMission Operations System
MOSESMulti-Order EUV Spectrograph Sounding Rocket
MPCBMaterials and Process Control Board
MpixelsMegapixels (1024 x 1024 pixels)
MPSMax-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung
Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
MSPMars Surveyor Program
MSUMontana State University
MSUSCIMontana State University Student Collaboration Investigation
MTRMagnetic Torque Rod
MTR1Magnetic Torque Rod #1
MUCERPIMinority University and College Education Research Partnership
N/Anot applicable
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NCARNational Center For Atmospheric Research
NCVZNorth Continuous Viewing Zone
NLFFFNonlinear Force-Free Field
NOPNorth Orbital Pole
NPDNASA Policy Directive
NPOESSNational Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System
NPPNPOESS Preparatory Project
NPRNASA Procedural Requirements
NSONational Solar Observatory
NSSNASA Safety Standard
ODDObservatory Description Document
OICDObservatory Interface Control Document
ORTOperational Readiness Test
OSCOrbital Sciences Corporation (provider of Pegasus ®)
OSIRISOptical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging System
OSO-8/MXRHOrbiting Solar Observatory 8/Mapping X-ray Heliometer
OSSOffice of Space Science, NASA
PAIPProduct Assurance Implementation Plan
PAOPublic Affairs Office, NASA
PAPIPrecision Approach Path Indicator
PBpower board
PCSPointing Control System
PDRPreliminary Design Review
PERPre-Environmental (Test) Review
PIPrincipal Investigator
PIDProportional-Integral-Derivative Controller
PMProgram Manager, Primary Mirror, Primary Mounts, Protomodel
PM FabProtomodel Fabrication
PM/MA/SEProgram Management/Mission Analysis/System Engineering
PRAProbabilistic Risk Assessment
ROBA-2Project For On-Board Autonomy
PRODEXProgramme De Développement d'Expériences [Scientifiques Office of ESA]
PSFPoint Spread Function
PSRPreShip Review
PZTPiezoelectric Transducer, historically made with lead (Pb) zirconate(Zr) titanate(Ti)
QCMQuartz Crystal Microbalance
QEquantum efficiency
QSQuiet Sun
RADUnit of Radiation Dose
RALRutherford Appleton Laboratory
a.k.a Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
RAMRandom Access Memory
ReqIDRequirement Identifier
RFIRequest For Information
RHESSIReuven Ramaty High-Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager
RICECompression Scheme, developed by Robert F. Rice
RMRisk Management
RMDRisk Management Database
RMSroot mean square, Resources Management System
ROMRead Only Memory, rough order of magnitude
ROMRisk and Opportunity Management
ROMBRisk and Opportunity Management Board
RSSroot sum [of the] square[s]
RWAReaction Wheel Assembly
RWA1Reaction Wheel Assembly #1
RWLReaction Wheel
S&MASafety & Mission Assurance
SASolar Array
SACISolar Array & Charge-Control Interface Board
SAOSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
SAP1Solar Array Panel #1
SBAS-band Antenna
SBA1S-band Antenna #1
S-bandmicrowave frequency band
SC, S/CSpacecraft, Student Collaboration
SDBSmall Disadvantaged Business
SDOSolar Dynamics Observatory
SDO/AIASolar Dynamics Observatory/Atmospheric Imaging Assembly
SDO/HMISolar Dynamics Observatory/ Helioseismic (and Vector) Magnetic Imager
SDRAMSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SESystem Engineering
SECSun-Earth Connection
SEC/LWSSun-Earth Connection/Living with a Star
SECCHISun-Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation
SECCHI-EUVISECCHI - Extreme Ultraviolet Imager
SELsingle-event latch-up
SEOScience Enhancement Option
SEUsingle-event upset
SGVMScience Grade Vector Magnetometer
SIBSensor Interface Boards
SKCSalish Kootenai College
SLARSupplier Limited Approval Request
SMSpacecraft Manager, Structural Model
SMASafety and Mission Assurance
SMDScience Mission Directorate
SMEXSmall Explorer
SMM/XRPSolar Maximum Mission/X-Ray Polychromator
SOCScience Operations Center
SOHOSolar and Heliospheric Observatory
Solar B - FPPSolar B - Focal Plane Package, Hinode
SOLISSynoptic Optical Long-Term Investigations of The Sun
SOTSolar Optical Telescope
SOT-SPSolar Optical Telescope - Spectropolarimeter
SOUPSolar Optical Universal Polarimeter
SOWStatement of Work
SR&TScience Research and Technology (NASA Grant Program)
SRCSummer Research College
SRRSystem Requirements Review
SSSun Sensor
SSASingle-Service Access
SSELSpace Science and Engineering Laboratory
SSMBSolid State Memory Board
SSRDSplit-Spool Release Device [releases a solar array]
SSRD1Split-Spool Release Device #1
SSTDSpace Science and Technology Department
ST9Space Technology 9 Project, NASA's New Millennium Program
STDNSpaceflight Tracking and Data [Acquisition] Network
STEMScience, Technology, Engineering and Math
STEREOSolar TErrestrial RElations Observatory(ies)
STFCScience and Technology Facilities Council
a.k.a. Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL)
SUMERSolar Ultraviolet Measurements of Emitted Radiation
SUVISolar Ultraviolet Imager
SVGSvalbard, Norway Ground Station
SWASSubmillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite
SXISolar X-Ray Imager
SXTSolar X-Ray Telescope, Yohkoh
TAATechnical Assistance Agreement
TACSATTactical Satellite
TACSAT2Tactical Satellite 2
TBTest Bed; Terrabyte (8 x 1024 x 1024 x 1024 x 1024 bits, used for data storage)
TDRSTracking and Data Relay System
THEMISThermal Emission Imaging System
TINTaxpayer Identification Number
TPPIThird-Party Proprietary Information
TRTransition Region
TRACETransition Region and Coronal Explorer
TRLTechnology Readiness Level
TRRTest Readiness Review
TTLTransistor-Transistor Logic
TVThermal Vacuum
TV/TBThermal Vacuum/Thermal Balance
UARSUpper Atmosphere Research Satellite
UCBUniversity of California at Berkeley
UKUnited Kingdom
UK-DMCUK Disaster Monitoring Constellation
ULE®Ultra-Low Expansion Glass, a product of Corning Inc.
USNUniversal Space Network
UTMCUnited Technologies Microelectronics Center,
A Division of Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions
UVUltra-Violet, Ultraviolet
UVCSUltraviolet Coronal Spectrograph, SOHO
VAFBVandenberg Air Force Base
VFMVector Field Magnetometer
VPNVirtual Private Network
WBSWork Breakdown Structure
WYEWork-Year Equivalent
XBAX-band Antenna
X-bandmicrowave frequency band
XL[the larger] Pegasus Faring
XMLExtensible Markup Language
XMTRTransmitter [X-band]
XponderTransponder [S-band]
XRTX-Ray Telescope
XSS-11eXperimental Satellite System 11, U.S. Air Force
XUVeXtreme Ultraviolet

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